Negative Energy Removal Astrologer in Trinidad & Tobago

Your sleepless nights may make your days frustrated and depressed. Sometimes, the images of your dreams seem to be true and real that you could almost feel fear and danger. A different voice in your dream or something strongly haunting not only affects your sleep, but it also drives you to use medication to get a good night's sleep. The extra you pay attention to your scary dreams, the more you get sucked into it. You may be confused between day and night, reality and dream. This is the effect of the negative energy surrounding you. It is time to analyze the situation. Our famous astrologer Raghu Ram can cast the negative energy that is the root of all the nightmares.

Our Astrologer Raghu Ram is also an expert in dream analysis. If you want to know, what is the exact meaning of your dreams, you may consult a dream analysis specialist like Astrologer Raghu Ram who will depict it and he will also provide the solution to stop them from recurring. Consult us immediately if you are being afflicted by your dreams and constantly awaken every night. A few sittings with our astrologer, your dreams will be happy and your sleep deep.

Negative Energy Removal in Trinidad & Tobago

What is Negative Energy..?

Negative Energy is a common practice done by the people who are jealous of your success, growth, health, wealth, and peaceful life. So order to curse your happiness they cast spell on your life so that you have to lead a life of hardships, struggles, and hopelessness. Therefore if you too are dealing with such issues then maybe you are under the influence of negative energy.

Astrological remedies to remove Negative Energy

You can take a ‘Fitkiri’ or a piece of ‘Alum’ and then you have to rotate it around the head of the effected person for about 7 times and have to repeat the names of persons, from whom negative energy is suspected. At the time, of the 7th round burn fire using Camphor (Kapoor) in a mud pot and let the ‘Fitkiri’ be burnt completely. This remedy will surely remove evil energies from the person’s life.

It is advisable that you should keep Crystal Quartz ball in the place you think is affected with evil energy whether it is your house or office. It is up to you to keep it on daily basis or once in a week. But you have to keep it under the sun and clean it with a soft cloth. Due to the presence of the sun it will waive off the negative energies and welcome the positivity in your premises.

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